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House Families

House Families were introduced at Kings Hill School in 2016 and are now a unique and important feature of our well-being support for all children to enhance social relationships and self esteem.

Being part of a House Family is now an important part of our values based education. The implementation of House Families has had a huge impact on securing relationships across the school and ensuring the profile of anti-bullying remains high.

From a pupil survey in 2017, 97% of children said they enjoyed their House Families, 98% said that House Families would help if they were being bullied, 99% said they felt safe within their House Family and 93% said they have since spoken with a member of their House Family.

How do House Families work?

At Kings Hill there are four houses, Gibson, Cobham, Johnson and Townsend.

There are then four House Families for each House, e.g. Gibson 1, Gibson 2, Gibson 3 and Gibson 4. Each House Family consists of 30 children from Year R to Year 6. It is a fantastic opportunity for children to work together across all the age groups within a Primary School.

How often do they meet ?

House Families meet each term for one afternoon where children will take part in activities that support anti-bullying and strengthen PSHE and SMSC development. Children have been involved with designing an Anti-bullying character for Anti-bullying Week, ‘The Power of Good’ and designing a road safety board game during Safety Week. House Families are given discussion and reflection time.

In the most recent 'House Families' time, children discussed 'All different, all equal' during Anti-bullying Week 2017.

What do House Families do together?

Children write about each others qualities in a fun way.

Older children support younger ones.

Children work together to make road safety board games.

Older boys take their new friend back to his reception class.

Children share a story during World Book Day.

Children made a paper chain to show how being together makes us stronger.

Children work together from Year R to Year 6 to create a paper version of themselves for 'All different, all equal' Anti-bullying Week.