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Year One

Welcome to Giraffe Class!

Our teacher is Mrs Lyons and our teaching assistants are Mrs Birkbeck and Mrs Gasson.

Welcome to Zebra Class!

Our teacher is Mrs Wilson



Autumn Term

Welcome to Year 1! We hope you have had a restful holiday and are ready to start the new term.

We are excited to start our new series of books ‘The Large Family’. We will be basing our learning in English around these stories. We will focus on sentence structure and basic punctuation including full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. On our journey we will learn about different types of words such as adjectives. In phonics we will continue to focus on phase 5 words and sounds. The children will be learning about alternative pronunciations and spellings.

In Maths we will be recapping on what we have learnt in Reception and then moving onto making sure we are secure with all our numbers to 100 (the reading, writing and spelling of these) and being able to perform simple calculations using our numbers 1-20. We shall also be looking at shape too, looking at describing and comparing the common properties of simple 2D and 3D shapes. 

This term our topic is called Magical Marvellous Me, inspired by the Large family - we will be looking at ourselves and our own families. In Science we will be learning about the human body and how our senses work. During History, we will be looking at changes within our living memory and events that are beyond this. In Art, we are exploring the skills of drawing using different tools and techniques to create a self-portrait.


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Curriculum newsletters

Terms 1 and 2 curriculum newsletter


Weekly Learning Letters

Transition in to Year 1

The curriculum and learning time in Year 1 is quite different compared to Reception and we have a planned transition to make this as smooth and easy for the children. For the first half term we will mirror the learning style of Reception so your child will still have challenge time but there will more expectations with how the children record their work. The children will have different books for different subjects which is a change from Reception. As the year progresses, the lesson structure will become a little more formal in line with key stage 1 expectations.

English in Year One

Reading in Year One

Similar to Reception, children will be listened to on a weekly basis in a guided reading group. This guided reading session is timetabled to enable the children to access a different English based activity everyday e.g. a comprehension activity or a  Spelling, Punctuation and/or Grammar (SPaG) related piece of work.

Continuing from Reception, we will teach a daily, whole-class phonics session. This will be where we recap previous sounds and learn new grapheme, phoneme correspondences. In Year One there is an emphasis on the children being able to decode 'pseudo' words as well as 'real' words. This is due to the statutory assessment that takes place in June. English lessons will be based around termly 'key texts' so that the children really get to explore a variety of fiction and non-fiction books throughout the year.

Writing and SPaG in Year One

Throughout Year 1, children will have the opportunities to learn and practice the key skills of writing. By the end of Year 1 we would like all children to be able to compose an individual sentence both orally and then write them down using capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks and question marks to show when a sentence finishes. During Year 1, the children will be taught a range of spelling patterns and we would like them to start spelling these correctly in their independent work. We encourage children to make a phonetically-plausible attempt at those words they have not be taught.

Maths in Year One

Our curriculum map outlines our maths learning throughout the year. In regards to number, children will be taught to count to and across 100 in multiples of 2's, 5's and 10's as well as becoming fluent with number bonds to 20 including their related subtraction facts. During Year 1 the children will also be introduced to halves and quarters of shapes and objects and relating these to their decimal forms. In measures, children will be encouraged to use mathematical vocabulary to compare, describe and solve practical problems. They will tell the time to the hour and half past the hour and draw hands on the clock to show these times. They will learn to name and recognise the properties of common 3D and 2D shapes.



Have a look at what we have been learning in Year One!