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School Development Plan

Please click to view our School Development Plan Summary 2017-2018

Key Priorities

Key Issue 1: High Pupil Achievement where all pupils make expected or better progress from their starting points

  1. Improve percentage of children achieving Combined Reading/Writing/Maths at KS2 and across the school
  2. Accelerate progress for More Able learners across KS2 in all subjects
  3. Improve maths Key Stage Progress in KS2 and % of children attaining greater depth in maths in KS1 and KS2
  4. Close attainment gender gaps for boys in writing (Y2,4 and 5) and maths (Y6)
  5. Improve SPAG and Reading attainment at expected at KS2 and spelling and writing progress across KS2
  6. Accelerate progress for disadvantaged learners so that achievement gaps close particularly in maths and writing (Y4,5 and 6) and a greater percentage of disadvantaged children reach greater depth
  7. Sustain achievement in KS1 and continue to improve GLDs and % of exceeders in EYFS in writing

Key Issue 2: An outstanding curriculum with highly effective challenge through outstanding teaching

  1. To move teaching to majority outstanding through a highly bespoke professional development programme
  2. To embed a maths mastery curriculum ensuring effective pace and challenge for all learners
  3. To develop challenging opportunities in EYFS both indoors and outdoors
  4. To review existing curriculum links to ensure maximum opportunity to broaden and deepen across all subjects including LOTC

Key Issue 3: Deliver outstanding personal development, behaviour and welfare for all pupils

  1. Continue to embed effective Values Based Education across the school
  2. To build upon the SMSC Gold ensuring effective provision
  3. To continue to improve disadvantaged pupil attendance and parental engagement of disadvantaged pupils
  4. Continue to ensure high standards of BEHAVIOUR and effective ANTI-BULLYING strategies that are consistently applied by all  

 Key issue 4: Enable highly effective leadership at all levels to drive school improvement and ensure maximum effectiveness of resources.

  1. Develop leadership capacity at all levels to drive school improvement
  2. To ensure effective use of resources