Kings Hill School

Kings Hill Primary School

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Our Team

Staffing Structure 2018-2019

Staffing Structure of the School

Leadership Team

Alice Early - Headteacher

Kate Harris - Deputy Headteacher

Georgette Williams - Inclusion Leader

Sally McCarville-  EYFS Leader

Charlotte Genç- Assistant Head for Key Stag 2 and School Direct Leader

Lloyd Williams-Jones - Assistant Head for Key Stage 2 & Maths Leader

Support Staff

Karen Anderson - Administration Officer

Sonia Coventry - Finance Officer

Lisa McKnight - Administration Officer

Karl Woods - Network Manager

Mick Slade - Site Manager

Midday Supervisors

Elaine Barden

Rachel Barragry

Sally Booth

Louise Brewster

Marion Brunger

Nickie Clark

Lara Denby-Jones


Carolyn Godfrey

Amanda Hennessy

Carol Jones

Nicky Murphy

Wendy Neill

Marian Pring

Maxine Watts

Reception Class Teachers

Sally McCarville- Tiger Cubs

Beth Hollyhomes - Lion Cubs

Lucie Goss - Lion Cubs

Reception Teaching Assistants

Aly McKee - Lion Cubs

Jade Johnson - Lion Cubs 

Kirsty Montgomery - Tiger Cubs 


Year 1 Class Teachers

Anna Clayton - Lemurs Class

Laura Biggin - Meerkat Class

Year 1 Teaching Assistants

Sharon Williams - Meerkats

Tina Gunn - Meerkat Class

Amanda Hatful - Lemur Class

Lara Denby-Jones- Lemur Class

Jane Cook- Lemur Class

Year 2 Class Teachers

Charlotte Genç- Seahorse Class

Becca Ratcliffe- Turtle Class

Caroline Hobbs- Turtle Class  


Year 2 Teaching Assistants

Paula Gasson- Seahorse Class

Nicola Allison - Seahorse Class

Sonia Hudson - Turtle Class 


Year 3 Class Teachers

Simon Gosling - Polar Bears

Helen Paul- Penguin Class  


Year 3 Teaching Assistants

Fi Furness - Polar Bear Class

Kim Winterbottom- Polar Bear Class

Liz Miller- Penguin Class

Lorraine Austin- Penguin Class 



Year 4 Class Teachers

Sarah Francis - Kookaburra Class

 Megan Weller - Koala Class

Katie Tustin

Year 4 Teaching Assistants

 Nina Hawtin - Kookaburra Class  

Carol Garner- Kookaburra Class

Emma Gilman - Kangaroo Class

Lisa Wood- Koala Class

Amanda Hennessy


Year 5 Class Teachers

David Chadwick- Panther Class

Helen Moore- Leopard Class

Hannah Jordan- Ocelot Class

Year 5 Teaching Assistants

 Amanda Parry - Panther Class

Sally Etheridge- Ocelot Class 

Carolyn Crowe- Leopard Class

Year 6 Class Teachers

Karen Marshman - Dolphin Class

Lloyd Williams-Jones - Shark Class

Kirsty Burborough - School Direct Student

Year 6 Teaching Assistants

Laura Patel - Shark Class 

Andria English - Dolphin Class

PPA and Specialist Teachers

Joanna Jewson - HLTA  PPA Cover and RE Leader

Sarah Bugeja - HLTA PPA cover

Laura Patel- HLTA PPA cover

Amalia Perry - French Teacher