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Reading and Homework Expectations

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to the new term. I hope you had an enjoyable summer break.

We value the support and guidance parents give to children at home and we are fortunate at Kings Hill School to have fully supportive parents that recognise learning continues beyond school. As we start a new term, I would like to clarify the homework and reading expectations based on fundamental principles from our homework policy.


Reading should be part of a child’s regular routine. Children should be reading at least five times a week. In EYFS/KS1 a minimum of 10-15 mins each time is recommended and in KS2 this should increase to up to 25-30 minutes.

Reading is a fundamental skill and children should be encouraged to read a wide range of reading material to help develop a wide and varied vocabulary. It is important to read to children aswell as hear them read. There is no requirement to rush through a reading scheme or only read a reading scheme book. It is far more important that children develop a love of reading and are fully developing their comprehension skills in addition to decoding as they progress with reading.

At Kings Hill we also use Scholastic Reading Pro in Key Stage Two which gives children a lexile measure. This helps children to pick home reading books at a suitable level and books of interest to them. Reading Pro is guidance only and our overall reading assessments on children are based on a variety of methods.


We expect children to regularly practise maths skills. All children from Years 1 to Year 6 should be practising their multiplications on TT Rockstars regularly several times a week. TT Rockstars is showing impact at school and the children who won the multiplication challenge against other schools last year are avid participators on TT Rockstars.

Children from Years 1- 4 also receive weekly maths activities on Mathletics. Children in Years 5 and 6 will receive additional weekly arithmetic homework as there is also an expectation that homework increases as children get older and in preparation for secondary school.


Spellings are sent home weekly from Y1-Y6. They might relate to tricky words, high frequency words, important spelling patterns/rules and statutory spelling lists for year groups. Children in Years Five and Six will also be sent weekly spelling and grammar homework.

Home Learning in EYFS

In EYFS children will be given a sharing book where there will either be a learning focus on English or Maths. Children are expected to read daily and there will be key words/phonics sent home.

 Creative Homework (Y1-Y6)

Creative Home Learning is based around a topic ‘Knowledge Organiser’ in KS2. Children will initially learn facts from their Knowledge Organiser about their topic. Knowledge organisers are sent home so that you can support your child with learning key facts within their topic. During topic lessons the children will then apply their knowledge to develop their learning further across a range of subjects.

Creative learning is an opportunity for children to be more creative, develop skills in a cross-curricular way and understand their topic in greater depth. There is a minimum requirement of three pieces of work over the term. Creative homework does not mean that the children have to ‘make something’ each term as teachers provide a variety of choice including writing activities as well as practical activities.

Children do have the opportunity to celebrate and share their work with their peers at the end of the term. Many children commented in their end year reports how much they enjoyed their creative homework. It also gives an opportunity for parents and children to engage in learning together – another fundamental principle of our homework policy.

Creative Homework and Knowledge Organisers can be found on our website under the Year Group pages. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Classteacher. A full copy of the homework policy is also available on our website under Key Information / Policies.

 Thank you for your continued support.

 Yours sincerely,

 Mrs A Early