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School Council

At Kings Hill we have a very active School Council where all year groups are represented throughout the school.

Mrs Hobbs who runs our School Council says;

Our School Council is full of dynamic and hard working pupils who are determined to make a difference in our school. I thoroughly enjoy working with them every Thursday and they never fail to astound me with their ideas and dedication. I am extremely proud of our School Councillors and it is an honour to work with them!

What do our School Council do?

This is what they said .......

  • We can influence and make decisions to improve our school.
  • We are the voice for our class.
  • We allow pupils to not be in the background but to come forward with their ideas.
  • We support our school and all the children.
  • We are involved with the outside community.
  • We are chosen by our classmates to be their representative.
  • You can spot us around school because we wear our School Council badges.
  • We can help make Kings Hill School a better place.

 What have we been involved in recently?

  • We helped in the interview process that lead to Mrs Early becoming our new Head Teacher!
  • We have carried out a survey in school about behaviour and safety and have then used those results to improve our school.
  • We monitor our House Buddies and check that they are wearing their bibs at play times.
  • We have spoken to our Parish Council.
  • We have been involved in a campaign to make speeding posters to be used around Kings Hill.

 Who is on our School Council 2016/2017?

Staff - Caroline Hobbs, Jane Hathaway & Aly McKee

 Zebras: Rafferty

Giraffes: Amelia

Gorillas: Libby

Jaguars: Elliot

Pandas: Heidi

Polar Bears: Lulu

Penguins: Caitlin

Seals: Lily

Dormice: Ifan

Bats: Aaron

Ocelots: Ava

Macaws: Liana

Sharks: Lexi

Dolphins: Jack

We also have two new members from Year 6 who will act as our Reception Representatives:

 Tigers: Maddie

Lions: Sinead

There are three main areas to work on this year which include deciding on which new equipment and markings we would like on our playground, which we have also asked the PTA to be involved with. In addition we are starting to plan for our 20th anniversary celebrations and commence our biggest project of becoming a UNICEF Rights Respecting School.