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Eco Committee

Our Eco club meets frequently to discuss how to transform our school so that it benefits the environment as well as its pupils. We look at problems such as how much rubbish we throw out or how much electricity we waste and have created an action plan to improve these issues.

Our aim is to make simple changes like ensuring all unnecessary lights are switched off and that paper, plastic and other materials are recycled so that we produce global citizens that understand the importance of looking after our world and its people. We ensure that we are working with, and in tune with our beautiful environment.

At Kings Hill School we are very lucky to have exceptional grounds and it is the Eco club’s job to make sure children take pride and share responsibility for them. We do this by growing food in our very own Polytunnel, or setting up ‘bug hotels’ to boost our biodiversity!

Kings Hill School’s Eco club are only just beginning their journey towards a greener future. We are already seeing fantastic involvement and changes to our pupil’s perceptions as they have a greater understanding of what being a global citizen really means. Our primary challenge is to continue what we have achieved so far and look towards ways of improving even further.

Eco Committee 2016-2017

Kings Hill School's Eco Club is up and running with James, James, Evan, Matthew, Amber, Jack, Rebecca and James forming this year's group of 'Eco Warriors'. They have shown a passion for improving the quality of the school site and an awareness of global environmental issues.

They will keep the school updated on their tasks and projects each term. Initially they will be 'Habitat Heroes' as they work to refurbish several locations across the school at this critical point of the year for some of our local wildlife. Look out for 5 star bug hotels in the Whispering Wood and a rejuvenated wild meadow. The polytunnel also needs some attention too.

The Eco Club therefore looks to improve the local area for everyone at Kings Hill School to use and enjoy. Ahead we will be thinking about how thinking locally can translate into thinking globally as they address the environmental impacts the school has and where improvements can be made.


Spring Update 2017 Eco Committee Update

Kings Hill School Eco Club are currently on ‘Pond Patrol’. It has been cold and wet but the Eco Warriors are as committed as ever to their task.

By clearing away leaves and restoring paths, the Eco Club are looking to make the school pond accessible once more for classes studying in the area when the weather improves. Alongside pruning unwanted growth, they will also be clearing excess weed from the pond itself to allow more light in. They will be careful to leave the weed for a week by the pond to allow creatures to find new homes before the weed is composted. Finally, bird baths and bird feeders will be replenished.

They have learned that this is the best time of year to initiate Pond Patrol as they will limit disturbance of the living things in the pond as many are currently hibernating in the mud at the bottom. There is also little breeding during winter.

Quite a task, the Eco Club will be busy into Term 4 before turning their attention to overhauling our polytunnel facility. They have gathered some ‘before’ shots and are looking forward to showing you their ‘after’ photographs once they have been hard at work !


Green School Awards 2017

We are delighted to announce that our school has been given a highly commended award for our Eco Club by the Green School Awards 2017 !

A big congratulations to our Eco Club for their achievements.